About Us

Goodhill is a regional group of companies with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and China.

Incorporated in Singapore in 1973, our Singapore Head Office, Goodhill Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd, started as a saw miller and trader in timber logs, sawn timber and moulding products. Goodhill has since diversified into the trading of natural resources like steam coal, aggregates and sand. We also manufacture and distribute timber doors as well as distribute floor tiles and wood decking products in Singapore.

In 1989, when the Vietnamese forces withdrew from Cambodia, Goodhill ventured into Cambodia for the first time and were among the earliest foreign investors entering Cambodia. Goodhill Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd was incorporated in 1991 after the signing of the Paris Peace Accord. In 1993, after the UNTAC elections, we officially started sales and distribution operations in Cambodia when we identified the potential to serve the Cambodian consumers’ need for quality products at affordable prices. Guided by our vision and mission and CARES values, we have since established our reputation as a leading sales and distribution company in Cambodia, by offering quality products at great value and fulfilling our commitments to all stakeholders. We are currently the exclusive distributor of many international brands from business partners including Procter and Gamble, Perfetti Van Melle, Fonterra, Philips Lighting, Hager, Castrol, Ricoh, Pilot, Staedtler and Asia Pulp and Paper.

We believe Cambodia is a great place to invest in and are optimistic about the country’s future growth prospects. Hence, we will continue to invest in building a world class sales and distribution company in Cambodia. We will continue to strengthen our presence in Cambodia by expanding our portfolio of brands, deepening our distribution networks and improving our operational capabilities.  Through focusing on understanding and meeting Cambodia consumers’ needs, we will continue to build on our past efforts and achievements to bring Goodhill to greater heights in the years to come.