Our Services

Our Services

Goodhill offers supply chain management solutions tailored to the needs of our business partners and suppliers. An integrated system is designed to ensure efficient and timely delivery to achieve sales and distribution objectives for the portfolio of products that we manage. 

Sourcing, Research, and Market Intelligence

Include gathering information about the market, key accounts, company and business partners’ priorities and competitor activities, to identify and develop new business opportunities. 

Sales and Marketing

Having local presence and constantly tuning to the market pulse, we have a clear grasp of the consumer needs, behaviour, and trends which enable us to formulate and implement effective and appropriate strategies and solutions for the marketplace. 

Logistics and Distribution

Customs clearance:

We have experience handling a wide array of cargo. We understand the formalities of import licensing and customs documentation for all types of cargo, facilitating smooth customs clearance.


We have warehouses, including temperature controlled ones and capabilities providing a wide range of storage, handling and value added services. For efficient and effective operations, we have designated areas for racking, block stacking, pick and pack activities, with space to facilitate the sorting of assorted cargo. Upon cargo arrival in the warehouse, we will conduct a series of internal operating processes comprising stock tally, quality inspection, discrepancy reporting, and product defects.


We are responsible for countrywide distribution in order to achieve distribution objectives in coverage, visibility, and merchandising. The distribution efforts are carried out in a timely manner through traditional and modern trade channels, branches, sub-distributors, stockists and delivery vans. We add value through our services and offer practical solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

After Sales Services

We place high emphasis on relationship management – developing and maintaining good relationships with various stakeholders, decision-makers and customers to understand their business strategies and needs. We also have a dedicated customer care team to manage technical concerns, provide product, software and after sales service support, giving customers a peace of mind.

We are a trusted strategic partner for our consumers and business partners. Consumers are assured of quality products from international leading brands that have been trusted by many across the globe, serviced by an established company who have an intimate knowledge of local tastes and the requirements of our customers on the ground.