Goodhill offers supply chain management solutions tailored to the needs of our business partners and suppliers. An integrated system is designed to ensure efficient and timely delivery to achieve sales and distribution objectives for the portfolio of products that we manage.

Sourcing, Research and Market Intelligence

We are well-placed to help you stay ahead with comprehensive market data, to identify consumer trends and pursue growth opportunities in the most timely and effective manner.

Sales and Marketing

With a strong local presence and our finger on the pulse of the market, we have a clear understanding of consumer behaviour, trends and needs, putting us in an optimal position to execute strategies and solutions most effectively to drive sales.

Customs Clearance

We have experience handling a wide array of cargo. We understand the formalities of import licensing and customs documentation for all types of cargo, hence we are able to ensure a smooth customs clearance.


We have an extensive network of warehousing facilities to ensure efficient storage and distribution. Our warehouses offer capabilities for safe storage, handling and value-added services including temperature control. There are designated areas for racking, block stacking, pick and pack activities, with space to facilitate the sorting of assorted cargo. Once cargo arrives at the warehouse, we will conduct a series of internal operating processes comprising stock tally, quality inspection, discrepancy reporting, and product defect reporting.


Our distribution network provides excellent coverage countrywide in a timely manner via avenues including traditional and modern trade channels, branches, and delivery vans, aided by digital solutions while ensuring high efficiency and low costs.

After Sales Services

Our dedicated customer care team is always ready to provide product and technical after-sales service support, ensuring peace of mind that both our products and services are of the highest quality.