National Career and Productivity Fair 2019

National Career and Productivity Fair 2019 was held from 2-3 November at Koh Pich. The opening ceremony was graced by Minister of Ministry of Labor and Vocation Training, H.E. Ith Samheng. Many job seekers streamed to the event venue when it opened its doors.

Management Away Day 2019 (M.A.D.)

Management Away Day 2019 was held in Pattaya and Bangkok from 8-10 November 2019 for the management team. The theme for this year was One Team, Five Dreams.

The event started with an interesting opening ceremony where the Goodhill flag with the Five Dreams was passed to all participants to sign. In the Managing Director’s speech, he focused on the importance for everyone to keep up momentum to take off to the next level and achieve the company’s Five Dreams. Divisional and functional presentations were shared over the two days together with some team-building activities.