Meeting with the General Department of CCF on New Labelling Requirements

From January 1st, the General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression (“CCF”) will enforce new labelling requirements for products and services. Every product on the market is to be labelled with a description of the item and its contents in Khmer, using an appropriate font size that is easily read.

Representatives from Goodhill (Mr. Frankie Yee, Mr. Than Van, Ms. Reaksmey Mariya , Mr. Yi Vanna, Mr. Lim Va, Mr. Boris Voun) are privileged to have engaged in a discussion on the changes during a meeting with the CCF that was held on December 23rd.

We would like to express our appreciation to CCF director-general Phan Oun as well as other distinguished members of the CCF for hosting this meeting and for being open to hearing from our perspective as service providers and importers. It was a fruitful discussion that also provided clarity on how we may proceed to operate in a manner that fulfils the new guidelines.

Goodhill is committed to play our part to be aligned with the new requirements which we believe protect the interests of our consumers, within a fair and honest marketplace.